Inspection chambers in Roubaix

This project takes part in an intervention on an old underground brick gallery. Three inspection chambers were to be installed, but a traditional solution would have required a piercing of the vault, with a risk of propagation of rupture and general collapse. It has been proposed to make concrete manholes, adapted to each existing geometry, in order to fix them to the vault and thus provide local stiffening, making drilling suitable.

  • Photo Anthony Micallef
  • Coupe
  • Relevés scan

3D printing benefits

A survey of existing geometries was carried out, combining traditional methods and 3D scanning. By cross-checking the information, XtreeE was able to use it as an input into printing paths algorithmic development, thus ensuring a final shape perfectly adapted to its context for all the three cases. A validation of the resistance to chemical aggressions was carried out.

Two days were devoted to excavation, a third to scanning, a fourth to printing, and finally two days of installation and backfilling.


Contracting authority: Métropole européenne de Lille (MEL)
Client: Point P Travaux publics
Execution: SADE
Structural checking: Artelia