We design and manufacture large-scale 3D printers

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2K+ Technology

XtreeE 2K+ Technology is the most advanced in the world.

The multi-component printing ensures perfect bonding between layers and a very large form freedom.

Layer accuracy and process robustness have no equivalent.

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Made in France

At XtreeE, we have developed our own patented technology.

We manufacture each system ourselves, to ensure the best available quality.


Robots Inclusive

XtreeE technology and softwares are compatible with any robot, from medium size to large scale, fixed, elevated or mobile on a track, and of multiple brands.

We can also adapt to your existing installations.


Multiple materials

XtreeE 3D-printing system is agnostic to any materials used – compatible with usual and local building materials as well as innovative materials including:

– Cementitious materials
– Low-carbon concretes
– Geopolymers
– Plaster
– Earth-based materials
– Alternative waste-based binders