We design and manufacture large-scale 3D printers

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High quality

The printing head doses premix and admixtures, mixes them precisely and extrudes controlled layers of material.

XtreeE bi-component technology enhances quality by adjusting the material to the geometry to be printed.

Multiple materials

XtreeE is agnostic regarding printable materials.

Our bi-component systems can extrude a variety of materials.

Among developed materials by XtreeE, there are various mortars, including cement concrete, earth-based materials, plaster and geopolymers.

XtreeE can also help you develop your local printable material.

Multi Materiaux

Custom robotic configurations

You can choose the robot and system configuration corresponding to your production or R&D needs.

We have installed 6-axis-robots on the ground, on tracks, and on pillars.

We are robot-agnostic: we have successfully worked with ABB, KUKA and other leading brands.

Design-to-production workflow

Our solution comes with a complete digital workflow: from design software, printing session generation, and toolpath visualization to Code export.

A 2-week training on this workflow is included in the system package.


Realtime process monitoring

Data can be visualized in real-time during the printing session.

This allows the operator to precisely control the admixture and know how to react in case of a problem.

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Limitless design

Our technology opens up a new creative space: 0-90° orientated printing, variable width, and variable height at each printing point.

Our bi-component technology makes it possible to print pretty much anything without compromising precision or quality.

Post-printing analysis

The whole 3D printing system is equipped with sensors.  Data is gathered into one web interface, allowing control, supervision and data logging for further analysis.

Additional measurement features are constantly developed by XtreeE and can be adapted to specific needs.

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When acquiring a 3D printing system, you get access to the XtreeE ecosystem