You are a manufacturer, a contractor ?

XtreeE is deploying a worldwide network of connected 3D printing systems.

By acquiring one of our systems, you get access to the “XtreeE Printing-as-a-Service” digital platform, combining various services going from data analysis to a library of objects, and design support for market development. Join us!

You are an architect, an engineer, a designer ?

Do you have a project you wish to 3D print?

We can print it in one of our factories and ship it to your address. XtreeE Studio team will assist you in all design phases, from 3D modelling to stability checks and printing file generation.

You are looking for 3D printing expertise ?

XtreeE has expertise in a variety of subjects. We can :

– Develop your printable material

– Train you on parametric design and robot manipulation

– Assist you in the design of complex geometries

and much more.