Academic research

XtreeE has played a pioneering role and is now very present in the academic research community around large-scale 3D printing.

Here are our scientific papers :

1. Duballet, R., 2019. Building systems in robotic extrusion of cementitious materials. Université Paris Est, Paris, France.

2. Duballet, R., Baverel, O., Dirrenberger, J., 2019. Space Truss Masonry Walls With Robotic Mortar Extrusion. Structures, Advanced Manufacturing and Materials for Innovative Structural Design 18, 41–47.

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5. Ducoulombier, N., Demont, L., Chateau, C., Bornert, M., Caron, J.-F., 2020. Additive Manufacturing of Anisotropic Concrete: a Flow-Based Pultrusion of Continuous Fibers in a Cementitious Matrix. Procedia Manufacturing, 23rd International Conference on Material Forming 47, 1070–1077.

6. Nicolas Ducoulombier. Anisotropic concrete : 3D priting of concrete reinforced by long fibers, process, characterisation et modelisation.. Materials and structures in mechanics [physics.class-ph]. Université Paris-Est, 2020. English

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8. Kuzmenko, K., Duballet, R., Ducoulombier, N., Roussel, N., Feraille, A., In progress. On Environmental Performance of 3D Concrete Printed Structures. A Case-study of Space-Truss Wall System.

9. Kuzmenko, K., Ducoulombier, N., Feraille, A., Roussel, N., In Progress. Environmental life-cycle assessment of extrusion-based Additive manufacturing with cement-based materials: a generic methodology and a case study. Cement and Concrete Research.