Pedestrian footbridge in Aubervilliers

In anticipation of the 2024 Olympic Games, public authority Plaine Commune has entrusted a consortium led by Freyssinet in association with Lavigne & Cheron Architectes, Quadric, XtreeE and LafargeHolcim to design and build a 40-meter pedestrian bridge in Aubervilliers, whose deck will be made entirely with 3D-printed structural concrete. A world first.
Combining the highest technological expertise, this project paves the way for building complex architectural and structural elements with 3D-printed concrete and for developing bespoke and personalized solutions while keeping costs and lead-times under control.

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3D Printing benefits

Combining prestressing and 3D printing should reduce the quantity of concrete by 60%, thus considerably improving the carbon footprint of the project.


Location: Aubervilliers (Seine Saint Denis, Greater Paris, France)
Contracting authority: Plaine Commune Grand Paris
Design & Engineering: Lavigne & Cheron Architectes, Quadric (Artelia Group), XtreeE
Project management & Implementation: Freyssinet (Vinci Group)
Printed material: LafargeHolcim