Telecommunication mast

This support mast for green telecommunications was designed in collaboration with Art & Fact Innovation for Guadeloupe. Its purpose is to offer a structure resistant to earthquakes and cyclones capable of a lasting integration into the landscape. Its design combines structural performance and environmental quality, and its manufacture ensures a very long service life.

  • Mat télécom
  • Rendu du projet végétalisé
  • Mat Telecom

3D Printing benefits

This 12-meter mast is produced by printing six high-performance concrete segment forms, which are then poured and assembled, to finally accommodate a post-stress device. Printing allows the integration of different functions of the elements – design, assembly, antenna support, plant support – so as to greatly simplify and speed up manufacturing. The lost formwork remains in place and acts as a protective skin for the concrete poured inside. The whole creates a solid and durable column, capable of effectively resisting severe weather events. The design is customizable to ensure good landscape integration.


Location: Guadeloupe (installation in progress)
Contracting authority: Art & Fact Innovation
Design & Engineering: Lamoureux & Ricciotti Ingénierie, XtreeE
Printed material: LafargeHolcim
Implementation: Freyssinet (Vinci Group)
Dimensions: 2337 x 2285 x 12023 mm
Printed weight: 6.3 tons
Weight delivered: 15.8 tons