32 biomimetic reefs in Cap d’Agde

The purpose of these reefs is to promote underwater biodiversity by creating sustainable structures with high variability. This time it was anchor bodies, usually tires filled with concrete, which were designed to integrate a function of habitat and anchoring. Each cavity sees its size and qualities  – closed or dual-aspect, cantilevering etc. – adapted to each family of plant or animal species.

  • Récifs pour le Cap D'Agde
  • XtreeE Récif 2
  • XtreeE Récif 3
  • XtreeE Récif 4

3D printing benefits

This project takes full advantage of the very high geometric complexity allowed by printing technology, and this at a low cost. In addition, textured concrete resistant to chemical attack is a material very suitable for this type of application.


Immersion site: Agde
Client: Cap d’Agde marine protected area
3D design: XtreeE / Seaboost
Printed concrete: Vicat
Number of elements: 32
Dimensions: 933 x 1689 x 1358 mm
Printed weight: 17.6 tons
Delivered weight: 52 tons
Photos: Renaud Dupuy de la Grandrive