Woven Concrete furniture in Tokyo

This series of three benches is the result of the collaboration between XtreeE and Studio 7.5, a Berlin-based design office. These benches, of which several variants have been produced, are the subject of a collection of tailor-made street furniture. The relief patterns are generated by the printing process itself. Perfectly controlled, they create a woven texture with a welcoming appearance.


  • concrete_bench_08
  • concrete_bench_02
  • concrete_bench_05
  • concrete_bench_07

Benefits of 3D Printing

Exploiting the woven pattern for both its aesthetic qualities and its structural performance, this range of furniture uses a minimum quantity of concrete.

Mission of XtreeE

In partnership with Berlin design agency Studio 7.5, XtreeE designed and printed this infinitely customizable street furniture system.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 30 cm / 50 x 120 x 40 cm / 50 x 120 x 60 cm
Weight: 220 kg to 250 kg, depending on the model
Colors: all shades of Ductal
Credits Design: Studio 7.5 (www.seven5.com)
Modeling & manufacturing: XtreeE

Date : 01/05/2017