Urban totem in Rungis

3D printing creates an infinite field of expression for architects and designers, leaving them free to imagine new organic forms playing with the constraints of matter. Installed at the entrance of the Icade industrial park, in the southern region of Île de France, this totem symbolizes the economic revival of the area. This panel is  printed horizontally with varying thickness. The variety of these layers aids with the finishing stage.

  • 01 1 Avec Logo
  • Totem Icade 2

Printed contour in mortar, filled with UHPFC


Client : Icade

Design : XtreeE & Map3 Ingénierie

Realisation : XtreeE

Printed Concrete : LafargeHolcim

Dimensions : 150 x 300 x 10 cm

Weight : 690 Kg