Votive niche at the Oise archaeological museum

This project was made for Laura Bontemps, sculpture conservator-restorer of the Oise archaeological museum.

It consists of two blocks integrated into a painted Gallo-Roman votive niche from the 1st century AD, which was located in the theatre of the ancient city of Vendeuil Caply. A unique example of a very specific type of architecture, hence the interest in reassembling it and completing it with the missing blocks. Indeed, following excavations in 1972, two of them were lost.

The morphological data of the blocks were obtained by photogrammetric reconstruction using silver prints from the 1970s. After obtaining a 3D model and its completion they were printed in concrete at XtreeE.

  • Niche Votive 1


Client: Laura Bontemps, Musée archéologique de l’Oise, France

Design : XtreeE

Concrete: LafargeHolcim