Democrite wall

This wall comes from the DEMOCRITE university research project.
The DEMOCRITE university project framed three projects that are concrete 3D printing, clay and cable robotics, which are at the origin of the creation of the company.

Its design is presented in the following academic paper:

  • XtreeE Mur Démocrite Détail 001
  • Mur Sinusoide 11
  • Mur Sinusoide 22
  • 20150622 1406332

Credits : Clément GOSSELIN : diplôme 2015 ENSAPM Digital Knowledge, in collaboration with Philippe ROUX, Romain DUBALLET & Nadja GAUDILLIERE.
Teachers : Philippe MOREL & Jean Aimé SHU.
Partners : Projet Démocrite, PIMM, EZCT Architecture & Design Research, Lafarge, PIMM, ENSAM, HAL

Photos : Nicolas Lecoq