Facets, non-standard facade prototypes

These panels, all different, are a series of prototypes of non-standard facade elements. In 2.5D printing, this hybrid process developed by XtreeE opens up the creation of complex shapes for architectural uses. Each parametric contour is printed horizontally, then reinforced with a concrete filling.

  • IMG_2744-S
  • IMG_2743-S
  • IMG_2791-S
  • IMG_2741-S

3D printing benefits

This series demonstrates the formal variety brought by digital manufacturing. XtreeE explores the architectural potential of integrated molds, a manufacturing method that minimizes the amount of produced waste. The contours of these elements are printed flat, then concrete is poured inside the resulting mould. This strategy allows a particularly fast production time (20mn / panel). Finally, the presence of two concretes, one printed and the other cast, also allows a play on the colors of the final object. This technique also enables to manufacture fully customizable floor tiles.

Dimensions: 110 x 110 x 8 cm
Weight: 104  Kg