XtreeEat, vertical vegetable garden in Saint-Etienne

What if 3D printing were compatible with bio-design ? This what XtreeE has shown with this printed vegetalized wall, when invited to the 10th Saint-Etienne Biennale (2019).

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  • XtreeEat-01©C.-Piérot
  • XtreeEat-02©C. Piérot

3D printing benefits

This prototype presented at the 10th Saint-Etienne Biennale demonstrates the ability to integrate plants in a 3D printed structure. Only five hours were necessary to print this green wall made of concrete and clay and whose structure was specially designed to irrigate edible plants. This monumental piece takes into account in its design watering, light and drainage needs, showing that it is possible to integrate living things in a wall, and more generally in the elements of a building, including its walls or furniture. Printed in the wall, the pipes are connected to printed pockets, intended to be filled by pots or reserve water.

Dimensions: 120 x 180 x 70 cm
Weight: 900 Kg

Date : 26/11/2019