Cirratus Vase in London

Meta Utopia Exhibition – Zaha Hadid Gallery (London)

Cirratus, 3D printed concrete vase, marks the beginning of the collaboration of Zaha Hadid Architects CODE Team with XtreeE. It sought inspiration from the life forms found along the seabed. The design is an interpretation of a classic – a vase by architect Alvar Aalto. A bespoke algorithm produces complex double curvature geometry that adheres to the manufacturing constraints. Simultaneously, it also expresses the additive, layer-by-layer process of its making.

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Design:  Patrik Schumacher with ZHA Code
Design Development:  Shajay Bhooshan, Vishu Bhooshan, Marko Margeta, Tommaso Casucci
Machine files & Manufacturing: XtreeE
Photos: Osman Marfo Gyasi