Our team

We are architects, engineers, automation experts and programmers who share a common vision of the future of construction.

XtreeE Studio

Studio team supports customers and partners in Design, for elements to be 3D-printed.

Its know-how is at the state of the art of large-scale 3D printing techniques and covers different fields: 3D modeling, parametric design, printability simulations, stability, etc.

Profiles: engineers, architects, phD in 3D printing.

XtreeE Groupes (33)

XtreeE Systems

Systems team designs, manufactures and assemble XtreeE 3D-printing systems.

It provides training, maintenance and support for partners in the process of acquisition of their machine.

It is accompanied by Production team, which is trained to pilot the robot and conduct a printing session in security.

Profiles: engineers, roboticists, technicians.

XtreeE Groupes (10)

XtreeE R&D

R&D team continuously develops and innovates the XtreeE 3D printing system, in two areas:

– Software : robot control interface, data feedback, web platform, etc.

– Hardware : development of printable materials, optimization of system’s mechanical parts, etc.

Profiles: material engineers, developers, mechanics, phD in 3D-printing.

XtreeE Groupes (19)